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What is the dopest sneaker around?   Is it the YEEZY?  Is it the classic Jordan 1?   Either way Plug and Broker has you covered as we specialize in all the dopest shit.  You can get your YEEZY's, you can get your classic's, you can get your new school, all for a great price.  That is the goal at PAB, to offer you the dopest shit at the best price.  Check our selection daily and follow us on instagram @plugandbroker to stay updated with our newest products.    Thanks, PAB

What are the dopest kicks?

Plug and Broker

With the way the sneaker market is going, no one has any idea what will be the next trend.  But what we know for certain is that the next trend is on its way.  Whether it be the YEEZY which has dominated 2015/2016 or the always classic Jordan 1.  Or is the new approach a new style of sneaker. All we know for certain is that the athletic shoe dominated the last few years.  Plug and broker wants to be able to provide you what you are looking for with no hassle.  That would mean a new approach.    Stay...

Royal 1

Plug and Broker

As the hype continues to settle down on the YEEZY market.  The hype is continuing to grow in many other places in the sneaker community.  As trends come and go, the die hards are always looking for the next wave before it hits.  Here and at Plug and Broker, we appreciate the classics.  That is why along with all the YEEZY gear and one hit wonders, we load up heavy on Jordans.  Not just that general release bullshit but the heaters.  We feel that it is only appropriate to start letting the word out about the Royal 1's.  April 1st...

YEEZY V2 Zebra

Plug and Broker

Plug and Broker wasn't the only ones who weren't able to get the YEEZY Zebra V2.  The release was rumored to be on the most limited YEEZY releases to date.  With a little under 10,000 pairs worldwide, it was almost impossible.  Having said that, Plug and Broker still has pairs of the OG YEEZY Black with Red SPLY350 on it in sizes from 9 and up.  So even if you took an L on Saturday, you can still get laced up on arguably the dopest color way on the market. Plug and Broker was happy to source a record high...


Plug and Broker

This weekend is the newest drop for Mr. West.  The highly anticipated V2 in the Zebra color way.  Plug and broker has their pairs secured, do you? This V2 has had many rumors around it the last few weeks.  With all of the information coming into the sneaker community a lot of it is bullshit and you need to be careful about.  Anyone can go and say this and say that but it comes down to the facts.  We know what our sources have and we know what we get, that is why we are the most trusted sneaker source. ...

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